Charging on the NHS

This presentation looks at the social inequalities that would exist if there was the proposed introduction of a flat rate to access the NHS.  We consider the main inequalities from a societal, economic and individual point of view.

Presentation time: 
Wednesday, 2 July, 2014 - 12:30

Patricia Briggs

I am currently studying my last module for BSc Psychology, and I have been debating between pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology or Social Psychological research, so I'm currently trying to find an option that incorporates both. I have really appreciated the opportunity the OU has provided me, enabling me to change careers while juggling other commitments.

Ruth Tudor

My name is Ruth Tudor and I have been an OU student since November 2003.  I arrived at the OU with 8 ‘O’ grades and 1 Higher with qualifications gained in my time as a dental nurse. Prior to coming to the OU I had been working as a dental sales rep. I decided that there might be more to life than dentistry and with the support of my better half I decided on a career change and so decided on my study path and found a job to match.