Closing Comments

In this reflective session, Karen Foley and Georgina Blakely consider how the conference has been experienced and we invite feedback from the audience as we end this event.

Presentation time: 
Saturday, 26 September, 2015 - 16:30

Georgina Blakeley

Dr Georgina Blakeley is chair for the Level 1 Introduction to Social Sciences module. She carries out research on Spanish politics and is currently working on historical memory. In addition, she also works on citizen participation and urban governance. Her recent co-authored book on this subject ‘The Regeneration of East Manchester: A Political Analysis’ has just been published by Manchester University Press. Her editorial work includes three co-edited books on political concepts with Professor Valerie Bryson.

Karen Foley

Karen Foley is the academic consultant for the Student Connections project, and is the co-presenter of the Podmag and plays a part in This Student Life. She is a psychologist and an AL in Wales, teaching several level 1 and 2 Science and Social Science modules for The Open University. She is interested in how partnerships and networks support the distance learning journey for students.