Making Distance Learning More Friendly: a student exploration

Making Distance Learning More Friendly: a student exploration was created by three Open University students for the 2014 Students Connection Conference. Its purpose was to investigate how students engaged with each other in situations like tutorials and online forums to gather true experiences via an anonymous survey. In addition the project aimed to identify how students engaged with academia beyond their module material so that these examples could be shared with a wider student audience. The project generated an amazing response within a week with many students sharing their concerns about key issues such as combating isolation and shyness.

Presentation time: 
Monday, 30 June, 2014 - 16:30

Moira Corline

Moira Corline lives in South London and was originally from Sussex. She studied Art and design then worked in Libraries. After having a family she decided to change direction and follow her dreams into Social Sciences.  Currently studying towards a her degree, her in interests are Sociology, Criminology and Psychology.

Rachel MacLeod

Rachel MacLeod has been studying with the OU since 2009 and intends to complete her social sciences (with politics and social policy) honours degree in 2015. Upon completion of this she will be continuing her academic career with a masters and PhD and aims to pursue a career within academia and Government. Her research interests include crime, the media and social constructionism. Rachel also runs a small business offering crime consultancy services to businesses and the their local communities.