Q&A Session

In this session, DD102 module chair Georgina Blakely is joined by two Associate Lecturers. They will try and answer any questions that new or existing students have – or at least point you in the right direction! Email us questions connections@open.ac.uk, or include them in the live chat.

Presentation time: 
Saturday, 26 September, 2015 - 16:00

Christine Corcoran

I have been working for the OU for about twenty years now and in that time have tutored on a number of different modules including human geography, social sciences and education.  My research interests are mainly focussed on disability, education and how people's social and geographical circumstances impact on their lives; I have been lucky enough to have been involved in some national research projects in those areas.  Other than that, I live in the back of beyond and my nearest neighbours are sheep.

Georgina Blakeley

Dr Georgina Blakeley is chair for the Level 1 Introduction to Social Sciences module. She carries out research on Spanish politics and is currently working on historical memory. In addition, she also works on citizen participation and urban governance. Her recent co-authored book on this subject ‘The Regeneration of East Manchester: A Political Analysis’ has just been published by Manchester University Press. Her editorial work includes three co-edited books on political concepts with Professor Valerie Bryson.

Graham Neilson

I have been employed by the OU since 1996. I have tutored on a number of OU modules. Apart from teaching, I have also been a Senior Faculty Manager working at the OU’s regional centre in the West Midlands. My research focuses on the links between ideology and the natural environment.  I was involved in the BBC/Open University television collaboration ‘Towns’. I wrote a piece focusing on the history of Ludlow. In my spare time I enjoy white water kayaking, yoga, meditating, wild swimming, reading and cooking.