Where have all the plastic bags gone?

My inspiration is the “bag” scene in the 1999 film American Beauty, with its arty footage of a plastic bag dancing in the wind, which at the time really did seem beautiful.  I’ve tried to take this and turn it around to show the other side – that in reality plastic bags are ugly and dangerous and are the cause of many environmental problems in the world.

 I hope my slideshow inspires you next time you’re asked at the checkout, “Would you like a bag?” to reply “No thanks, I’ve brought my own – it’s completely biodegradable”.

Presentation time: 
Thursday, 3 July, 2014 - 12:30

Karen Hewson

Hello, I’m Karen Hewson, and I’m just finishing my first OU module, DD101.  I’ve always been keen on environmental issues, right from childhood.  Whilst I’ve had a reasonably successful career with a mailing house, the turning point for me was reaching the magic age of 50 and taking part in a sponsored trek for WSPA.  The trek took us across the gorgeous Carpathian Mountains in Romania to a secluded sanctuary, where rescued brown bears now roam in comparative freedom.  This experience made me realise that I had to be involved in saving the world from increasing damage and destruction.