Ian Fribbance

Ian Fribbance has been Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning Enhancement in the Faculty of Social Sciences for the last 7 years.  He has been with the OU since 2001 and has during that time worked as both a regional and central academic member of staff, and also as an AL simply because he ’likes to teach’.  During his time as Associate Dean, Ian has introduced many changes to the Faculty’s teaching, which have helped push up retention and progression, which is the highest rate of any Faculty.  This has partly been achieved through the implementation of many new ideas ranging from using social media to engage with students through to an online student conference.   Ian is also well known for his work to create a personal finance curriculum, most particularly the module DB123 ’You and Your Money’ in 2006 which has since recruited nearly 20,000 students and won a number of awards and donations from individuals and external bodies like the ACCA. Ian himself was given an Open University Teaching Award in 2008 and then created a National Teaching Fellow by the Higher Education Academy in 2009, a mark of an outstanding and influential teaching record.