The PodMag is a monthly download from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Whilst the tone is definitely light-hearted there is serious content including interviews with leading academic members, TMA advice, reports from conferences and all the latest news about the Student Connections conference.

PodMag April 2017

This month we talk to Alan Shipman who tells us about 'Brexiting: Why, How and Where Now?' a live event on the 3rd May. Then we interview Chris Williams about the Showcase event on the 16th May – a fantastic opportunity to find out about new modules from the faculty. Andreas Vossler has been involved with many of these events and he fills us in on why they are so useful and what his module team are hoping to get out of the showcase. We also talk to Selena Killick, the new Senior Library manager for FASS, about what students and staff will find most useful about her new role!