PodMag – the Faculty’s audio newsletter

2017 March Newsletter

This month’s Podmag focuses on the Open University in Scotland (OUiS) and the work they do with employers, unions, charities and voluntary sector groups, to name a few.  Karen Foley talks to Khadija Patel, Learning Partnerships Officer, about the exciting partnerships between the OU, Rolls Royce and Unite the Union.  Dr Peter Cannell tells us about Open Educational Resources and how these are being used to transition learners into Higher Education.

2017 February Newsletter

In the February edition we focus on OU students, in particular, the Open University Students Association. We hear from Cath Brown, Stephanie Stubbins, and Cinnomen McGuigan, explaining the variety of ways students can be involved and the benefits of being part of the OU student community.

2017 January Newsletter

As we approach the inauguration of Donald Trump, the January edition focusses on the American Presidential election. We hear from Richard Heffernan, Agnes Czajka and William Brown about their thoughts in terms of the election as a democratic process, the nature of the campaign and about how Trump, as President, may fair as leader within an international context.

2016 Newsletters

December Newsletter

This edition focuses on human rights. Karen Foley interviews Dr Meg-John Barker about sexual orientation and gender identity and Professor Marie Gillespie on child refugees.

November Newsletter

In this edition we are introduced to three members of the Religious Studies Department who talk about three different religious festivals which occur around this time of year – Halloween, Diwali and Christmas. Karen interviews Professor Graham Harvey, Head of Religious Studies, Professor Gwilym Beckerlegge and Dr Paul-Francois Tremlett.

October Newsletter

This edition focuses on some exciting new modules currently in development. We hear from Paul Lawrence about the innovative new Level 2 History module on the birth of modern Britain, Helen Kaye talks about the new 3rd level Psychology module where students can undertake their own research, and Catriona Havard tells us about the exciting 3rd level interdisciplinary counselling and forensic psychology module first being presented in October 2017.

September Newsletter

This edition of the PodMag focuses on starting to study, either for the first time or beginning a new module. We hear from Georgina Blakeley about her top tips for studying, Alison Green talks about the merger between Arts and Social Sciences, and Nicky Harlow talks about how essays are marked, and what advice she has for students as a writer.

June Newsletter

This special edition of the PodMag focuses on the Centre for Citizenship Identity and Governance (CCIG). Karen interviews Director Elizabeth Silva about CCIG, Paul Stenner and Naomi Moller about the Psychosocial research programme, Liz McFall about the Digital Citizens research programme, and Peter Wood about dissemination of CCIG’s work.