Gender impacts of austerity policies in the UK - towards a feminist sustainable alternative

Austerity policies implemented by the Coalition government have had (and still are having) a differential impact on men and women with women bearing the brunt of cuts in welfare spending and public services while men reaping relatively more benefits from the tax give-aways and employment recovery. Not only the nature of the emerging signs of weak recovery is questioned but also the lack of gender equality awareness in the public policy debate makes this recovery more fragile because it misses the point about the major infrastructure investment that needs to be launched in order to address the challenges of the future about inequalities and social security, including health, care and wealth. An alternative to austerity which puts public investment in social infrastructure at the forefront of a sustainable and more equal recovery plan is needed.

Presentation time: 
Wednesday, 2 July, 2014 - 15:00

Jerome De-Henau

Dr Jerome De Henau is Lecturer in Economics at the Open University and is currently Module Team Chair of DB123, "You and Your Money, Personal Finance in Context". His research interests include the analysis of the gender impacts of public policy with respect to incomes, employment, working time, care activities and subjective well-being.